Let’s Walk Through The Bible Together!

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time! When I was started getting into bible study these last couple of years, it has been so insightful to learn about the author of each book, where they were during that time, and other tidbits of information BEFORE I began to read. It really helped to shape the perspective of the book knowing some of the back story beforehand.

This will be a series. I have an amazing friend who is helping me with these posts and I’m so excited and so blessed that he has helped lend his knowledge to this project. My wish for you is that as you read these posts you feel encouraged, gain perspective, and develop a stronger relationship with God.

I’ll list all of the posts here for quick and easy reference. Please drop a comment below this post on how this series is working out for you.

* The book of Genesis 
* The book of Exodus
* The book of Leviticus 
* The book of Numbers
* The book of Deuteronomy 
* The book of Joshua
* The book of Judges
* The book of Ruth
* Book of 1 Samuel
* Book of 2 Samuel


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